Young Patients in the Medical Cannabis Community


Today I want to address the younger patients in the medical cannabis community. We have a responsibility to not present ourselves as un-knowledgable stoners who are just smoking weed to get high. Before you make the choice to start using cannabis, I would suggest you research and learn about this wonderful plant. The reason I say this is because we need to break this “stereotype” of “young stoners” and show people we can be normal functional mature members of society while still using cannabis. The main reason they stereotype us is because they have seen so many young people abusing the medical system only to use recreationally. Those people are most of the time very un-knowledgable and a lot of them have a “give me whats going to fuck me up the most” attitude towards bud and never care to learn about it.

WE can change this stereotype. Educate yourself about cannabis if you are going to use it.
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