Why It’s Easy to be Creative with Cannabis

Portland Herbalist, Tara Rose, explains how cannabis seems to open the crown and third chakra, which connects us to the source of creativity… our life force. She shows us how to engage with cannabis respectfully for personal and global healing. Tara Rose: https://plantspiritreiki.com/

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So tell me why It’s easier to be creative when you’re stoned.
I think it seems to me that the effect that cannabis has on the energy body is that it seems to open up the crown chakra which is the energy center which can provide access to our soul and the creative forces of the universe so I think it seems to stimulate and simply open and expand the crown chakra that’s why I feel some pressure here physically. I know that unlocking yes I noticed there’s some stimulation and some expansion of the crown chakra. I also do roles that the third eye chakra the energy center that’s right here that we connect to our psychic and intuitive abilities also seems to be stimulated and I think that we can also think about where creativity comes from ultimately what is the ultimate creative force right? So it’s it’s the creator, it’s life, it’s prana, it’s ch, it’s right it’s that force that animates all things the same thing that creates us that flows through us as we create as well so I think the more
connected we are to our soul, the more connected we are with the divine, the easier creativity is.
because ultimately as artists we are channels, we are collaborators and channels. One of the ways that I like to work with ganja for healing purposes is through ceremonies. So I like to do intentional smoking of this herb and then I like to use it in different ways.
So one way I talked about which is building awareness of what’s going on in our mind and our heart so that we can make choices about everything. Ourselves accepting ourselves and choosing more healthy belief as well as releasing beliefs that don’t serve. But I also like to use it in ceremony for connecting more deeply to spirit in general and spirit beings and I like to work a lot of the herbs and experiencing the higher intelligence of life force in each herb and they each have their own personality and I find that perhaps because cannabis is an herb as well as I’m heightening our abilities to connect your crown chakra, or third eye and our intuition our soul
I find that we can hear the other spirits more loudly, that we can receive them more accurately as well. It’s really interesting, I feel we can feel more connected to the oneness, we can feel more connected to love. There is so much that happens with this plant is just opens up a whole new world. You know we can smoke it at a party and it can make us laugh and that’s cool but there’s so much more that it has to offer, there’s something so much more available and it can really heal the world in the greater way to.