Smoking Marijuana & Success. #QuitSmoking (Fasting to get healthy)

I rant about my user I.D for the first couple of minutes of the video skip about 5 minutes to give on subject. This video is about me doing something I thought i’d never do QUIT SMOKING WEED, I also talk about fasting and me going on a water fast/cleanse. To keep it simple I do a quick run through of the effects of me smoking marijuana and the relationship to my success in my cause “lack of success” so I going to quit for a period of one year & see if my life changes for the better. One way I feel like it will improve is in the way of me saving money. Negatives include stress lol plus all the medicinal effects of the herb id be missing out on. I’m the mean time I was planning on eating healthy and working out as well as cutting most meat out my diet minus fish, which is a form of a “vegetarian lifestyle” I think the technical term for it is pescetarianism. I’ve been following this brother by the name of Dr. Sebi he states in short that blood (meat), hybrid foods (Cauliflower), & starches (Pasta/Rice) in short kill you. I believe him. Stay tuned, SMASH THE SUBSCRIBE!! button to follow me along this long dreadful journey hopefully I achieve my goals. I also plan on doing some more things my channel is going to be very diverse.
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