Sativa, Indica, Hybrid: Denver weed expert explains the different kinds of pot highs

Sativa, Indica, Hybrid: Denver weed expert explains the different kinds of pot highs

Distinctive marijuana strains aren’t new — but the ability for anyone over the age of 21 to test them out (as long as you’re in the right state) is novel.

According to Matt Hart, a manager at 3D Cannabis Center in Denver, different strains result in different highs. The biggest differences depend on whether the weed is categorized as a sativa, indica or hybrid.

But even then, it can get confusing.

“When we talk about indicas and sativas, they’re actually almost all hybrids,” Hart said during an interview with TomoNews. “There are very few pure sativas and indicas.”

These different cross breedings result in an even wider selection of pot, meaning smokers can basically hand pick the kind of high they want to feel.

Most indica-heavy strains, according to Hart, result in relaxed muscles and drowsiness. Hart said those are best for people with pain or to smoke before bed.

On the other side of the spectrum is sativa-dominant weed. Strains in this category are best for social gatherings, productivity and creativity.

Strains that are labeled hybrids — which usually means they’re a 50/50 split between indica and sativa — can often create a productive high at first, but then make the smoker feel drowsy and relaxed later on.

And if all of that is too high for your head, the budtenders at 3D Cannabis Center want you to remember the most important thing.

“Marijuana is just a plant,” they said. “A plant that should be smoked.”


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