Pot Brownies

[edit for the confused] – This is not an anti-drug campaign. It is not a pro-drug campaign. It is an educational campaign. Do what you’re going to do, but be aware of the legal consequences.

Marijuana edibles are extremely (legally) dangerous in Texas. We did a separate video that explains the problem with more math, but people seem to like songs better, so here’s this. There’s some humor, but we believe it’s a serious message that needs to be shared.


Walking down the aisle, At the H.E.B.
Picking up supplies, for a party,
You got some butter, and you got some eggs
You got a box of Duncan Hines brownie mix

If you add in, a little bit of marijuana,
Better not get caught,
Or Else you’re gonna’
Get arrested – with a major felony,
For a small amount of weed.

Making pot brownies is a big mistake
If you live in Texas, while you bake.
Because the butter and the flower and the oil
Are all included in the weight

If you make – cannabutter or hash oil from the pot
It’s a “concentrate,” and if you get caught
It’s a felony,
Of the 2nd Degree,
For a single pot Brownie

When you shake up, some marijuana,
Kief comes out, and we know you’re gonna’
Melt it in butter, and make food
But when your neighbor calls the cops then you’re screwed

Because the state Texas – Says – that it’s not weed
If it’s not – attached to Trees,
It’s legally the same as cocaine
And That’s Insane

Making pot brownies is a big mistake
If you live in Texas, while you bake.
Because all of the ingredients are counted
When they’re adding up the weight

If you make a whole tray, you’re going away for life,
You’ll be punished just like you murdered your wife,
It’s a felony of the first degree,
For a Tray of pot brownies….Yeah…
it’s always a felony, of some degree,
When you’re cooking pot brownies