MSF’s Marijuana Awareness kit

Marijuana is gaining acceptance as having legitimate medicinal applications and as a recreational drug in the United States, as evidenced by recent trends in state laws permitting its use. Although marijuana may be legal for medicinal or recreational use in one’s state, it is still not legal, safe, or wise to operate a motor vehicle while impaired by marijuana, since it tends to distort perception of time, space, and speed. This is especially true for motorcycle riders, who must continually make detailed assessments of complex traffic situations and make split-second decisions requiring precise rider input to navigate safely and maintain an adequate safety margin.

This video is a brief overview of MSF’s Riding Straight – Marijuana Awareness kit, which uses Innocorp’s new Marijuana Impairment Simulation Goggle at the core of three separate activities that demonstrate how marijuana and motorcycling are a risky mix. The Goggle does not replicate the effects of a marijuana “high,” but the unique way in which it distorts perceptions causes some impairments. After donning the Goggle, the participant then attempts to compensate for these impairments to complete the kit’s activities. Because the impairments are in the same general areas of cognition and motor skills affected by marijuana, the participant can get a sense of the challenges a “high” motorist would face when dealing with traffic situations. No prior teaching experience or certification is necessary to purchase or use the kit.

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