Moreton Cross Town Team Video

This project provides a unique opportunity for residents within their
communities to generate cycles of debt-free liquidity to boost their
spending power when they choose to collaborate and explore their

Simultaneously, small local businesses can support the creative choices
of their customers and increase their turnover. Of major significance
is the potential for a revitalised socio-economy founded on demand for
diverse goods and services from fulfilled, creative people.

Thus, the true process of education – ‘to bring out from within — can
support self-development, community empowerment and bonding. Local
production of Interactive media based around people, their events,
knowledge and projects will complete this inspirational showcase for
bottom-up local regeneration.

Undoubtedly, it offers practical and innovative opportunities in
response to the insight and recommendations of Mary Portas in her
Review. Our software and systems are available for communities anywhere
to use and evolve
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