Marijuana Stocks to Buy Before, During, and After Legalization

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Sure, it’s technically an illegal vice according to the Federal government…

But 25 states have said “we don’t care,” and passed laws allowing medical marijuana.

16 states have even decriminalized it for recreational use. And four states plus the District of Columbia have made both recreational and medical use completely legal.

The rest of America could soon follow suit…

61% of the American public believes recreational weed should be legal. 81% is in favor of allowing it strictly for medical use.

And on November 8th, as many as 20 states could vote on legalizing marijuana for medical use, recreational use…or both!

So this November, if it’s announced that President Trump will be taking over the White House, it doesn’t matter.

President Clinton… It still doesn’t matter.

It doesn’t even matter if enough Americans write Mickey Mouse on their ballots to put him in the Oval Office.

When all of these new weed laws are put to a vote, the chances are absolutely immense that the vast majority of them will pass.

And with every new piece of pot legislation that has been passed, incredible wealth has been created very quickly.

If you think you can’t get your piece of this action, I’ve got news for you…

To stake your claim to this historic cash grab, you don’t have to operate a dispensary that sells retail reefer or become a farmer who plants the pot…

Watch the presentation above to find out how you could become the next marijuana millionaire!
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Let me know if I missed any relevant companies. This is only a list of medical/research companies so growers and retailers are not included.

CMM Canabo Medical Inc – 29 Million – Owns and operates Medical Marijuana Clinics in Canada. Expanding at a good pace and projected to be profitable in 2017.

CARA Cara Therapeutics Inc – 500 Million – Researching cannabinoid based medicine to deal with pain and pruritus. Has been issued several patents related to their research.

Our Pipeline

GWPH GW Pharmaceuticals – 3.3 Billion – Research company that already Sativex approved to treat multiple sclerosis spasticity along with several other medicines in clinical trial phases. Has a deep pipeline of cannabinoid products and is currently the biggest company that is involved in Marijuana research.

ZYNE Zynerba Pharmaceuticals Inc – 270 Million – Research company that currently has 2 cannabinoid based medicines that are being tested on 5 conditions. Phase 2 Clinical trials going to be coming out in mid 2017.

Product Candidates

INSY Insys Therapeutics Inc – 790 Million – Research company that already has products developed as well as several cannabinoid products in phase 2 clinical trials. One of the few companies that is researching marijuana based medicine that is making money instead of losing it.

AXIM AXIM Biotechnologies Inc – 450 Million – Researching several different cannabinoid based medicines with several of them being in clinical trials. Currently 43% owned by MJNA.


OWCP OWC Pharmaceutical Research Corp – 150 Million – Research company that is currently developing a cannabinoid Psoriasis treatment cream as well as planning to develop other medicines soon. It has a high volatility so be warned.


KALY Kalytera Therapeutics Inc – 70 Million – Early stage research company that is currently focusing on Graft versus Host Disease but will focus on other conditions later on. Small cap company which has potential to grow significantly in the future.

RVV Revive Therapeutics – 13 Million – Early stage research company that is targeting Kidney Stones and Gout. High risk but high reward company that could grow significantly if something important is discovered by them.

IMLFF InMed Pharmaceuticals Inc. – 30 Million – Small research company which recently filed for a patent.

CRBP Corbus Pharmaceuticals Holdings Inc – 430 Million – A research company that had some major developments in 2016, yielding investors high returns.

ABBV AbbVie Inc. – 101 Billion – A giant pharmaceutical company that has plenty of money top sink some into Marijuana research, and it is.

CNBX Cannabics Pharmaceuticals Inc – 290 Million – Does cannabinoid scientific research to create therapies for cancer patients.


THC THC Biomed Intl Ltd – 82 Million – A company focused on providing precise scientific information on growing marijuana as well providing seeds/plants with precise consistency and quality.

What We Do

PMCB Pharmacyte Biotech Inc – 90 Million – A smaller research company that is focusing on treatments of hard to treat cancers with cannabinoid technology.

Viridis Biotech Advisory Board

CVSI CV Sciences Inc – 23 Million – A very small research company that is currently working on “chewing gum containing nicotine and synthetic CBD to support cessation of smokeless tobacco use and addiction”.


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