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How To Make The Best Homemade Smoking Device Ever in 5 Minutes for under  (zebra 301)

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***This video is intended to help patients who use medical marijuana to treat legitimate medical conditions. The device has helped thousands of people save on the medicine they need by delivering the desired effect, while consuming less. Instead of using more medicine, use physics, gravity, and pressure to create a more efficient combustion process that lets you use less.

This video is not for kids, and should not encourage any illegal activity. Please use the device only in states or countries where marijuana is legal.***

Song: Devin The Dude – “What A Job”

The ultimate smoking device for the smarter stoner. Uses less to do more, and it really works. Most who try it make it their primary means of smoking. It can be adapted to be a bubbler but the device is flat out legendary when built as seen in the video. Use physics to get way more powerful gravity filtered hits and waste less.

– capable of delivering a more powerful hit than almost any other pipe or water pipe
– uses differential pressure not direct suction making for a much better hit
– has a one-two hit bowl capacity which keeps hits fresh
– uses gravity and reversing the flow of smoke to filter out debris
– uses cyclone on exit due to high placement of breathing tube
= costs less than and can be made in less than 5 minutes.
– compactable, portable or disposable with no mess.
– ultra efficient, uses less to produce more.

– zebra 301 pens are available at almost every store in the US. They are 100% stainless steel and safe to smoke from
– open the bottom cap after some use and you will see how much debris is filtered out


– get two zebra 301 pens.
– unscrew and take everything apart except for the two steel tubes and one steel pen tip
– reverse the steel pentip and jam it into one of the steel tubes. pound it on the table a bit so it sticks.
– using scissors or a knife bore 3 holes in the perscription bottle where x’s shown in the video
– put the tube with the reversed tip in the top with the backwards tip facing up (forming the bowl)
– put the other tube in the bottom hole (the 3rd hole that is closest to the cap should remain empty, its the carb)


– make sure the holes have a very tight fit with the steel tube. it should take a little effort to push them in there (thats what she said, lol)
– using the 3rd hole hole as a carb, hit it
– the tube with the bowl in it can also be used as a one-hitter
– after a few bowls take off the cap and see the debris that it filtered out

– used as the primary smoking device for most people after they try it out
– invented using jet turbine engine priciples
– still an un-named device. submit name ideas

Please try it out and submit your opinion!