HYDROSOIL- The New Way To Grow Medical Marijuana Cannabis

What if you could have the benefits of hydroponics ( fast growth, large yields, large healthy plants) with the taste and quality that soil growing offers?

HYDROSOIL Super Soil Mix:
1 part coco
1 part perlite or growstone
1 part ocean forest
sprinkle powdered root inoculate (VAM is cheapest)

Mix together very thoroughly
Mix 1tsp Cal/mag per gallon water PH 6.0
Add enough water so that when mixed it clumps up
After plant has been put into HYDROSOIL water super heavy with Grow or Bloom nutrient Line up
Continue to water daily if needed to keep soil supersaturated never let drop below 50% moisture content if at all possible.

I guarantee once you have tried this on just one plant you will never use another soil mix again.

If you grow in hydro keep doing the same thing your doing except in HYDROSOIL, If you grow in soil keep doing the same thing except in HYDROSOIL.

-Nearly impossible to over water as long as water can drain off or in large saucer then drained.
-No transplant shock
-No transplanting at all
-Insane fast growth
-Super healthy plants with a high BRIX
-Use any nutrient line up synthetic, organic, hydro, soil
-Best possible flavor
-Massive yields
– No root binding or root lock up

The single limiting factor to huge plants and huge crops is not lighting or nutrients it is how much water your plants can uptake. The more water the more nutrients the bigger the plants the more the yield.

HYDROSOIL is a technique that perfectly marries hydroponics and soil together without all the headaches and equipment needed when growing in hydroponics.

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Alien RDWC PRO GROW 2 1kg plants hydroponic system cannabis

Yielded slightly more 2nd time around. Over 1kg per plant.

Next time trying a mixture of led and hps.
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