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Hydroponics Growbox

Best hydroponics growbox systems.Hydroponic growing boxes to give you quick growth and fast turnover for any plant, weed or your favorite medical marijuana.
Super efficient and fast growing hydroponic growbox systems.
Full line of name brand Hydroponics supplies for your indoor garden
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Grandma’s Secret Garden 3.0 – 9 Plant Grow Box

Grandma’s Secret Garden Growbox 3.0 is a luxurious 3 foot tall, 9 plant
grow box that can grow any plant in the world. Use it for your medical marijuana supply & watch it grow the best hydroponic cannabis while you are working.
This grow box fits in
almost any room in your home, apartment or dormitory room, including
closets, bedrooms, or home offices.

Grandma’s Secret Garden is large enough for a quick profit which is ideal for people looking to grow around 9 plants in their own home. or rely on resale. As plants usually bend, you will be able to grow tall plants, whether its your favorite cannabis blend, orchids and flowers or even your needed medical marijuana.
Advanced Hydroponics growing systems.

This grow box use a DWC (deep water
culture) hydroponics system.

Dimensions: 36″ Tall x 20″ Wide x 16.5″ Deep

Grows 7 pounds of dried plant matter per year!

Efficient: ( Unit can use LED grow light to save even more money and better yields.

This hydroponics grow box uses a new 125w CFL grow and flower bulb
lighting with a reflector for extra light output. This unit puts out a lot
of lumens to help grow your plants fast and efficiently.

Grandma’s Secret Hydro Growbox Garden also includes:

Grow, bloom, calcium, and magnesium nutrients along with an adjustable
measuring spoon and detailed instructions to get potent grows from start
to finish
Adjustable lighting system (on yo-yo system so you can raise and lower
your lights)
125w grow AND flower CFL bulbs

9 net pots
9 starter plugs
Airline and stone
Ona block odor terminator (eliminates the worst odors; tried and

tested true)
Hydroponics system with air pump and bubbler
Dual 80mm, powerful fans with carbon filter protected outake & intake
Lockable latches
Dual carbon filters for extra odor control
Unlimited tech support
Lifetime warranty!

Quick shipping, even if you need it OVERNIGHT for the weekend!!!

Check out our selection of hydroponic Growbox systems below: