Denver Cannabis Capital Summit – Marijuana Investing Banking and Money Denver Cannabis Capital Summit - Marijuana Investing Banking and Money

The MMJ Business Academy reports live from the Denver Cannabis Capital Summit, 2014.

The MMJ Business Academy helps start-ups, investors and current owners navigate the legal web of regulations and take advantage of market opportunities in the Colorado cannabis industry. Our mission is to help you turn your ideas into a concrete reality based on the most current market forces and regulations in the great Centennial State.
About the Cannabis Capital Summit:

Cannabis represents a new industry in Colorado and perhaps nationwide in the years to come. With new industries come new opportunities for business and for investors. Rockies Venture Club presents the first Cannabis Capital Summit in celebration of these opportunities while also discussing the potential risks that investors face.

While we all see medical and recreational marijuana retail centers, the industry extends far and wide with implications for real estate, banking, genetic engineering, soils, fertilizers, packaging and more.

Attend the Cannabis Capital Conference to learn about how to succeed as an investor or entrepreneur in the budding cannabis industry

Rocky Ventures Club: Execute Director, Peter Adams
Arc View: CEO, Troy Dayton
Hemp Inc: Founder, Bruce Perlowin, King of Pot and more
Kush Cakes: Dr. Marco Moran, CEO and President, Dewmar International BMC, Inc.
Hemp Clean: Jason Lauve, Founder
MIG: Michael Elliott, Executive Director
The Marijuana Law Firm: Brian Vicente
THC Alaska: Benjamin Wilcox

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