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What is the first step? Lots of people grow their own weed; an increasing volume of Cannabis is grown at the “personal” level. Meaning growers who are private and grow only a handful of plants at a time for their own use. Ever-increasing legalization has made this hobby more popular. However, the world of Marijuana growing is not about just throwing a pot seed into the dirt and watering it every few days: there’s LOTS to know. Lighting, nutrients, growing medium, water, oxygen, temperatures, seeds, plant phases, pH, diseases, etc….If you lack the knowledge, your final product will suffer. Today on Lexs World I discuss the very first steps you should take before your grow even begins, to save money and time down the road: #1)figure out if you have a decent grow space available & #2) learn to grow in an organized way; by reading about it from one consistent source…preferably from books by someone of the caliber of Jorge Cervantes.
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