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If you have ever wondered how to maximize your keef this is the video for you. In 3 super simple steps you can double your keef weed. The process consists putting your used grinder into the freezer, then simply wait 20 minutes and knock it on a table. Easy enough right? The way this works is when you have used your grinder long enough small bits of weed get stuck in the screens of your grinder. Instead of washing it out and wasting all your precious keef you can simply do our method. By putting it in the freezer it contracts the small bits of kief allowing them to slip loose, and then when you knock it on something solid it all falls through, and as a result you get all the keef that was previously clogging up your grinder, as well a clean grinder.

We recommend doing this once every time you grind up at least a quarter ounce of weed so that your grinder remains relatively clean. Let us know if this worked for you, or if you had an problems doing so.
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