SmuggleVision visits Portland’s Waterfront to hear opinions about cannabis legalization and consumption. We’re thankful to hear these voices and meet these unique individuals! Join us as we create Oregon (& the World’s) Marijuana Dream Store!
0:10 How do you feel about cannabis legalization?
Now that cannabis is legal in Oregon, we’re hitting the streets of Portland to find out how people feel about it.

0:18 Cannabis is Legal in Oregon
How do you feel about legalization in Oregon?
I’m okay with it, but I have some concerns. Yeah. So this is your daughter here, huh? Yes. Have you ever smoked? Have I? Yes, I have.
Yeah. What about you?
Yeah, I have.

0:35 A Joint a Day
I do believe everybody should smoke at least a joint a day. If you have asthma, how does that work whenever you’re smoking it? Does it flare things up? I don’t have to use my inhaler as much when I’m smoking weed.
Do you feel that it affects your productivity in any way?
Yeah, I don’t want to do nothing unless I’m high.
Have you ever gotten in trouble over pot?
Yes, I have.
What happened?
In Oklahoma, I got sentenced to 4 years in prison for a quarter ounce of weed.

1:10 Cannabis Oil cures cancer
What about the quality? How much have you learned about the different strains and things like that?
I’m really overwhelmed by that. I am a firm believer in the oil being a cure for cancer at a gram a day. Pothead does not mean dirty, okay? There is no perfect medicine. Anyway, that’s it.

1:30 Pot Smoker for 50 years!
You’ve smoked pot before, I can assume?
I was thinking about it, and it’ll be 50 years next year. Since you have, not since you started?
Yes. Since I started.

1:42 Sex and Cannabis
Do you feel it’s an addictive substance?
I’m addicted to food. Usually, when I smoke these days, it’s around having sex. I’ve had spiritual experiences, but what’s pot and what’s sex is hard to tell.
Right, it’s like ecstasies crossing paths in the moment. Yes, right. So it’s a multimedia event.

2:08 Cannabis Legalization hurts Cartels
If we as citizens can purchase marijuana for whatever reason we need legally, then it takes the marijuana out of the hands of the drug cartel, hopefully, and so less business for them.

2:26 Local Cannabis
I do agree with legalization, but as far as where it’s grown, that’s a whole different story. But we’re doing it in a civilized manner, and there’s a lot of people that grow that are just farmers, and I like that. It’s another crop, and hopefully it won’t come from China.
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