How it’s Made: Hand Pipes

The American glass industry is huge. There are thousands of glass artists around the country, forging everything from streamlined spoons to intricately decorated one-of-a-kind headies. But behind every American made glass piece is an artist who spent countless hours in front of a scorching-hot torch, harnessing their craft day in and day out— and that individual is often overlooked when smokers scoop a new piece. The Smoke Cartel media team recently took a trip to east coast glassblowing mecca, Asheville NC. We set out to draw attention to the hard workers behind the flame who make our favorite hobby feasible.

Smoke Cartel wants to extend a warm thank you to our family at Burner Glassworks including Aaron Galloway and Nick Eggert of Glassical Creations. We’d also like to give a huge thanks to Noah Ketzenberger and all of the great dudes GlasseX. Not only did the Smoke Cartel media team have a phenomenal time, but this piece would never have come together without you guys!

Quick demonstration How to Make an Apple Pipe Without making apple sauce. Smoke Weed Out of an Apple in 3 Minutes

Strawberry Pipe:
Bell Pepper Bubbler:
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