Grow Marijuana: Volunteer Cannabis Seedlings

Grow Marijuana: Volunteer Cannabis Seedlings

Light deprivation greenhouse full of Alien Orange Cookies. Blooming in a 12 x 60-foot greenhouse. Simple, easy inexpensive greenhouse with one long raised bed is super-efficient. Marijuana greenhouse has been flowering four weeks and is packed with beautiful cannabis flowers.

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John from shares with you his official position on Cannabis aka Marijuana aka Weed as well as Hemp, a related herb that has the potential to help save the world.

In this episode, John along with Josh Cunnings will share their views about the cannabis plant that has been treated with much prejudice over the last 80 years.

You will discover how John enjoys using cannabis for its health benefits without the psychoactive effect and how Josh enjoys using it for its psychoactive effects. You will learn about some of the various industries that may not want Cannabis to be legalized and why. You will also discover some reasons that you were not aware how Cannabis and Hemp can help save the world.

In this episode, you will learn the answers to the following questions, and much, much more..

01:52 What are some benefits of Using Cannabis besides getting high?
07:00 Why are Cannabis Propositions the most important this voting year?
14:09 Cannabis was legalized for Medicinal Use 20 Year Ago. What are your thoughts on this?
17:00 What are some of the uses of hemp and benefits of hemp (which is not psychoactive)?
25:20 How can Hemp/Cannabis help Climate Change?
29:30 What has Cannabis been sequestered all these years?
31:29 How will legalizing Cannabis Help Save Money?
36:45 How does Cannabis Prohibition relate to Alcohol Prohibition in the 1920’s?
38:45 Why are the Cannabis Leaves even More important that Cannabis Buds ?
42:00 Do you think the cost of Cannabis will go up if it becomes legal?
44:44 How will legalizing cannabis help the environment?
52:50 Any final comments about Legalizing Cannabis?
59:59 What My Dad thinks about Prop 64 Cannabis Legalization?

After watching this episode, you will have a better understanding of this often misunderstood herb and why it should be Legal to grow and use as each person sees fit.

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John and Josh Encourage you to VOTE YES on Acts to Regulate and Tax Marijuana: (Legalize for Adult Use)
YES in California on Proposition 64
YES in Nevada on Question 2 –
YES in Arizona on Proposition 205
YES in Maine on Question 1
YES in Massachusetts on Question 4

Also VOTE YES on Medicinal Marijuana Acts:
YES in Arkansas on Issues 6 and Issue 7
YES in Florida on Amendment 2
YES in Montana on Ballet Issue 24
YES in North Dakota on Measure 5