Check out our review on various grinders including 2-part, 3-part and 4-part grinders and why you need to get one for your vape

Make sure you grind the herbs down until they are fine, With most vaporizers you get the best quality vapor whenever your herbs are ground down as small as you can get them. 4 Piece grinders and other grinders such as the magic flight ones are good shouts.

After this make sure you pack your vape. Press the herbs tight into the chamber. If the herb is loose in the chamber it won’t heat evenly meaning you wont get the most from your herb or resin. Warning though if you have got some really fine powder or ressin do not pack it so tight that airflow is cut off.

So for all of the best portable vaporizers to get a good hit. Get Dry Herb, Grind it up, fill your chamber utill it almost overflows. Pack it down in there. Then Vape and enjoy.

Check out the Namaste Grinders here. It is not a wide selection but it is all you need for your vapes.