Fausto’s Afternoon Watch List 8/04/17: CARA, AAOI, SPPI, RAIL, EFII, TRVG, SCTM, BRG

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Our Philosophy: Our goal at Cyber Trading University is to provide the best trading education to anyone who wants to take control of their finances, work from home, and turn their dreams of financial freedom into a reality.

Fausto Pugliese and our instructors teach our students how to day trade the market by using strategies and programs such as technical analysis, risk management, chart patterns, level II, time and sales and order flow. Cyber Trading University provides a comprehensive training course for beginners and experienced traders alike.
We encourage our students to start with a few shares and become profitable before scaling up share size. What works with 100 shares will work with 1000 shares when there’s proper liquidity!
We stress the importance of analyzing trades by keeping a trade journal; the journal is important for us to help our students in our day trading mentoring and stock coaching program

Success in trading is a result of consistent base hits, not home runs.