Watch how Adam Kelly, London reality TV star, uses the Truth About Drugs education campaign to give young people the anti-drug head start he never had. Learn more about drug education and prevention programs sponsored by the Church of Scientology:

Kelly, who was a finalist in England’s Big Brother 2012 reality television series, is now the voice of the Foundation for a Drug-Free World UK campaign.

0:08 I got into drugs at a young age, when I was 9.
0:24 I just came out of jail again. I knew I didn’t want to live my life like that anymore.
0:45 I feel that the education is needed on what these drugs can do to your life.
1:11 [The Truth About Drugs] tells the facts about drugs and the street names about it.
1:31 The biggest thing that is really effective with the materials is the documentary DVD… [kids] can relate to the stories.
1:56 It’s spectacularly saving lives!

Born in England in Burton-on-Trent, Kelly grew up in the notorious South Central hood of L.A. The colors he wore identified him as a member of the Crips, the infamous local gang, and two years after he smoked his first joint, at age 11, he was arrested for the first time. It would be several more years before Kelly kicked drugs for good and began working as a mentor with L.A. youth. In 2012, Kelly was part of a team of runners who completed a grueling 26-day, 965 km (600 mile) race from the south coast of England to Edinburgh, Scotland, to promote drug-free living, delivering drug education lectures and giving TV and radio interviews. The Truth About Drugs fit in perfectly with the drug education Kelly had already been doing independently. “I’m alive today,” he says, “so I want to spread the message.” – Subscribe to our channel to be the first to watch new Voice for Humanity and Scientology videos as soon as they’re released.

Learn more about the Church of Scientology’s humanitarian and social betterment programs in Drug Education, Human Rights, Mental Health Reform, The Way to Happiness and Volunteer Ministers:
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