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Is it possible that Marijuana did for the Colorado real estate market what the housing boom couldn’t?

Is legal WEED also what’s behind similar recent Real Estate booms in Washington State, Oregon and D.C.?

Colorado and Washington voters legalized recreational pot use in November 2012. Oregon and Washington D.C. did the same in November 2014.

This video shows the top six states for home price appreciation for the year ending March 30, 2016. Those same four states also had the highest rate of home price appreciation in 2015.

Could it be that legalized pot could become yet ANOTHER Fundamental Indicator used by economists to try to predict local real estate cycles?

When I saw the Colorado market FINALLY coming to life shortly after they legalized pot I thought:

“Is this all just one big coincidence?”

Now, seeing the three other States also hitting the top of the charts for home price appreciation I wondered:

“Is there more to this story for real estate investors?”

Continue watching this video to see a 30,000 foot macro view of what’s been going on in Colorado overall.

You will also see the power of LEVERAGE combined with being in the right market at the right time… and how ALL real estate wealth is made … through Leverage and Appreciation.

If you’re not getting the appreciation, you won’t get
the wealth either.

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