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SANTA ANA, CALIFORNIA — A Santa Ana Police Department investigation has begun after footage of a pot dispensary raid surfaced, showing what an attorney says appears to be cops munching on edibles, destroying security cameras and even making a joke about kicking an amputee in her “nub” at one point.

The raid occurred at the Sky High Collective on May 27. The videos were edited by attorney Matthew Pappas from footage taken from cameras the cops didn’t notice.

In the first video, cops in uniforms and others in plainclothes and ski masks bust down the doors of the shop and tell everyone to get down. The cops get everyone out including a woman, who is an amputee, using a motorized scooter. A female cop escorts her out. Later in the video, another cop asks her, “Did you punch that one-legged old benita?” The female cop replies, “I was about to kick her fucking nub.”

In the second video cops can be seen taking down security cameras and playing darts. At one point, one of the plainclothes cops mentions edibles and later another asks, “What flavor?” The video then cuts to one cop unwrapping something and eating it before giving it to another cop.

Santa Ana police chief Carlos Rojas said the department will be conducting an internal investigation. He also added that he’s interested in seeing the raw footage.


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