Cannabis Science Pub Oct 2015 Soil Science Part 4 Andrew Black

Cannabis Science Pub is a free monthly event sponsored by OG Analytical Lab in Eugene Oregon with the goal of spreading awareness in the burgeoning cannabis industry for the state of Oregon and beyond. Each month features a theme chosen to help bring the industry to the next level and help protect the safety of cannabis consumers.

The theme for October 2015 was Soil Science and featured some great guest experts on the theme of Organic Soil Science for improving cannabis cultivation without the use of dangerous chemicals.

In Part 4 Andrew Black from Certified Kind shares insights on organic cannabis cultivation and soil science. Is this useful information for you? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Cannabis cures!! JohnnyBud here challenging WOODY HARRELSON & TOMMY CHONG & WILLIE NELSON to step up & take the Cannabis Bucket Challenge!!
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