Best Weed Dispensary In California √ How I Got A Medical Marijuana Card : Amazing Strains & Edibles So I took a trip to Los Angeles California. I made my way to a medical marijuana doctors office that offered the cannabis ID card via exam. Checkout Our Blog

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Best Weed Dispensary On Melrose For Medical Marijuanna In Los Angeles California

The doctor told me he had been smoking weed for 50yrs and has seen nothing wrong with it.

He also mentioned that it should be used in a controlled manor. The strains that are showed are sour apple , Jesus OG and I believe it says on the label hendu king Kong.

I also purchased some lemon drops that are 10mg.

It’s difficult to say how long does weed stay in your system, all effects differ with the strain you smoke everyday.

I have to stress that you should be of adult age and of legal consistent to purchase these products.