These are the best ETFs for 2018! I chose these 4 ETFs as the best ETFs for 2018 is because they have produced excellent returns with low volatility. ETFs are a great way to get exposed to many stocks with one security, and they are usually less volatile than picking single stocks. ETFs are the way to go for investors who want to “set it and forget it”.

– This is the single largest holding in my own personal portfoli
– Give you exposure to 313 US large cap growth companies that are relatively stable
– 1 year ROI = 24.27% vs. 17.93% SP 500
– 5 year ROI = 101.57% vs. 89.06% SP 500
– Top 10 Holdings = Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Alphabet (Google), Visa, Home Depot, Coca Cola, Comcast, Philip Morris
– VUG holds a good mix of large cap growth companies with a solid 1.18% dividend yield make this a staple in my portfolio.

(SPY) SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust
– Launched in 1993, this is literally the oldest ETF in existence, and it’s been one of the most solid over the years.
– The spider S&P 500 tracks all of the companies contained within…You guessed it… the S&P 500!
– 1 year ROI = 18.05%
– 5 year ROI = 89.61%
– Top 10 holdings are Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, Johnson & Johnson, Berkshire Hathaway, JP Morgan Chase, Exxon, Google, Bank of America
– This is for investors who want just a little less volatility than you would get with a growth ETF like VUG
– This is a great “set it and forget it” ETF that you just add to monthly

(VYM) VANGUARD High Dividend Yield
– Dividend-paying stocks tend to perform better, as a group, than non-dividend stocks, and also generally do better during tough economic times.
– For investors who want exposure to rock-solid dividend stocks, but don’t want the guesswork and risk involved with choosing individual stocks
– Invests in 401 stocks that pay higher-than-average dividend yields, and specifically excludes REITs
– 1 year ROI = 12.36%
– 5 year ROI= 73.34%
– Top 10 holdings are microsoft, J&J, JP Morgan Chase, Exxon mobil, wells fargo, Procter & gamble, chevron, at&t, pfizer, intel
– The dividend yield = 2.85%

– The ARK ETF is an actively-managed fund that focuses on companies working in next-generation sectors, like cloud computing and Big Data. It has a nice mixture of recognizable names, as well as lesser-known speculative companies.
– BitCoin Investment Trust is the top holding in ARK, and this fund is banking heavily on bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. While that may seem like an unnecessarily heavy risk, I believe could possibly pay off handsomely.
– 1 year ROI = 85.34%
– Since Oct 2014 = 139%
– Top 10 holdings: bitcoin investment trust, amazon, athena health, twitter, tesla, 2U inc, netflix, nvidia, google, mercadolibre.
Bitcoin and the blockchain are the ultimate disruptors. Everything that we know about business and finance will change over the next several years.

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