In This Video Alan Watts How we can Overcome the addiction of punishing ourselves with the juice we get from our pleasures . so begins explaining in detail and after leads to understand how we can let go of the irrational thinking ,for more follow the link below to buy all his lectures

Want to learn how to get the most optimal results out of life? Follow me on my journey as The Hungarian Experiment where I show you how I implement my year long experiments into my day-to-day life.

In this video I document my experiences while getting my Medical Marijuana Card here in Canada.

Marijuana is a factor in my life that I have been experimenting and using as a tool to increase my productivity while assisting with a host of other areas that I believe benefit me and my journey through this world. This is a factor I’ve been wanting to discuss and go into detail about but I have been concerned due to the legality of it here in Canada. Although it is still ‘illegal’ I believe we are taking the steps in the right direction as a country to reduce the legal repercussions with using this substance and I am excited to be able to experiment and be part of this as a Canadian.

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