4X The Yield of HPS!!!  500W LED vs 1200W HPS Grow-Off by Cannabis Training University

Watch as Hydro Grow’s 336X-PRO with the latest G4 spectrum smashes a 1200W HPS dual-bulb setup! At 4X the grams per watt for the LED, you can rest assured HID technology is DEAD. With over 1,000,000 followers on Social Media, Cannabis Training University has proven once and for all that nothing can outperform a Hydro Grow LED Grow Light. You guys rock!

Largest 2 Plant Test Results:
Yield: 12ounces LED – 8 ounces HPS (LED has 1.5X the yield)
Energy Usage: 500W LED – 1340W HPS (LED used 63% less energy)
Grams Per Watt: 0.672 LED – 0.167 HID (LED has 4X the GPW)