10 Infamous Children of Dangerous Drug Lords

10 Infamous Children of Dangerous Drug Lords

Top 10 Children of the most notorious narcotic bosses in the world.
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Those who ply their trade in the lucrative but illegal netherworld of drug trafficking typically turn keeping a low profile into an art form. Wishing to avoid the attention of federal and local authorities at all costs in order to maintain both their freedom and money-making status, they will usually reclusively close themselves off, using their considerable wealth to build a lush estate that serves as a fortress of solitude or even changing addresses with regularity so as to keep their pursuers guessing. However, this private, removed existence only works as well as their social media-exposed children allow it to be.

Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, the infamous Mexican drug lord who sits at the head of the billion Sinaloa Foundation cartel empire, was recently captured by Mexican authorities six months after escaping from the maximum-security Altiplano Federal Prison in July. While not contributing directly to the arrests, El Chapo’s cover surely wasn’t helped by the prolific tweeting of many of his 11 children, particularly sons Ivan and Alfredo.

The young Guzman sons have used the popular social media site to taunt Mexican officials for their dad’s up-until-recently evasive ways, offering little hints along the way thanks to ill-advised pictures and thoughtless sharing. In September, the younger Alfredo posted a photo that purportedly offered a glimpse of his father while failing to disable the smart phone feature that automatically tags where an image was taken when it was uploaded to the Internet. Immediately following their father’s most recent arrest, both Ivan and Alfredo used Twitter to relay brazen threats to Mexican security forces, including ominous warnings that Joaquin will escape once again. Alfredo even vowed the continuation of the family business, all the while openly acknowledging that Ivan would be the new boss in light of El Chapo’s incarceration.

While these instances of Twitter blabbing seem bewilderingly stupid, they also aren’t entirely uncommon for the children of drug kingpins, most of whom have experienced upbringings far different from that of you or I. Long before they knew anything of their disreputable family business, these kids often enjoyed a childhood planted firmly in the lap of luxury, benefitting from the riches of dirty drug money. As they’ve grown up, those riches have fostered a culture of entitlement and arrogance, mostly embracing their father’s immoral and unlawful trades by taking on an ‘us versus them’ mindset so as to justify their own selfish, self-interested excesses.

Not every drug lord spawn celebrates the criminality of their father, but the ones with the nerve to crow about their dad’s ill-gotten gains tend to do so in pretty horrifying fashion. Those purported to be the social media profiles of the sons and daughters of some of the world’s most infamous drug kingpins often feature grossly over-the-top extravagance presented with a bragging tone that lacks even a shred of self awareness. The outsized, ego-centric personalities on these children of drug lords would be a lot to take even if their riches weren’t gained from addiction and illicit activity.

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Ivan Guzman
Alfredo Guzman
Serafin Zambada
Vicente Zambada Niebla
Joaquin Guzman
Gisselle Guzman
Melissa Plancarte
Enrique Plancarte Jr.
Francine Lucas-Sinclair
Sebastian Marroquin

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